John hand and his grandson lachlan

Meet John Hand and his grandson Lachlan. John is a cereal and rice grower, and avid environmental enthusiast.

Being able to irrigate is integral to John having a sustainable and profitable farming system. When the operation is profitable, he can contribute to the local community through spending locally and employing local contractors, which in small towns rely on farmers like John.

John and his wife Judith, like most farmers, recognise the importance of having a healthy environment for production and environmental sustainability, and are always looking for ways to enhance and restore the native flora and fauna on their farm. In 1998 the Hand’s began collaborating with Greening Australia with a large section of their land being set aside for a plantation project.

In the second photo you will see the area being prepared for the plantation in 1998, in the third photo the seedlings in 2000, followed by the trees today. As a result of the project, the population of native birds has increased dramatically, many of which John has photographed; a selection can be seen below.

John’s tree plantation is used as a seed bank for the collection of seeds from the local indigenous tree species and acts as a corridor to other pockets of native vegetation, which helps restore native fauna populations. This is a great example of farmers working with environmental agencies to restore and protect the environment, being mutually beneficial to both the farmer and the broader ecosystem.

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